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Our scenic vacation offers you a marvelous adventure.
Renyi Lake Hotel lies next to the road surrounding Renyi lake at the junction between the lake and mountain in Chiayi Renyi Lake Scenic Area. The sky, lake, kites, and bikes make the spot a dreamlike paradise that promises you a relaxing vacation.
From the hotel, taking Provincial Highway 18 eastward leads to Alishan and westward to Chiaya City. The hotel is 8 minutes from the Zhongpu ramp of Freeway 3, 30 minutes from the High Speed Rail Chiayi Station, and 15 minutes from downtown. The transportation here is convenient. Welcome to Reiyi Lake Hotel.
Renyi Lake Scenic Area is located at the junction of Alishan and Chiayi inside of FAnlu Village, Chiayi County. Besides providing water to the residents of Chiayi County, the lake also owns an unforgettable scenery.
The length of the road running around the lake is 8.9 kilometers. You may ride a bike along the causeway to enjoy the beautiful lakeside view, the kites flying in the sky, the waves shimmering on the lake, and the Renyi Lake Hotel sitting among the elegant scenery.

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